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Daughter | Get Lucky (Cover)


I need a hug or 6 shots of vodka


bee movie is rated pg for parental guidance


bee movie is rated pg for parental guidance

You were my world,
Until you found
another planet
An almost haiku for an almost us  (via date)


please stop asking me about my future ill cry


Jongup : *doing No Mercy choreo*

Himchan : Aha~ The hips…close up on the hips, again.

Yongguk : Let’s stop.

Himchan : Sorry, I couldn’t get much sleep. Cuz i’m so nervous, couldn’t get much sleep.


Do not trust any educator who claims to be “colorblind”.

I need help
the three hardest words for people with mental illnesses  (via liv3d-a-lie)


The peculiar thing about doing the work to uplift others is, the world often forgets that the worker also needs uplifting, that the work becomes heavy, that frequently the work is being performed to soothe one’s own soul. And that when one lives even a small portion of her life publicly, that public too often expects perfection. The expectation is that s/he has conquered those challenges s/he advocates against, and that s/he is therefore the face of overcoming.



Happy 43rd Birthday Selena Quintanilla-Perez {April 16, 1971}